My New Youtube Channel

Hello guys.

I started this youtube channel Emluke, last year. It started when one of my friends started a youtube channel on his own and started producing video by video. I enjoyed man y of his videos and wished that I could do the same so I can entertain people the same way he did. When I visited him the year he had made his youtube channel I asked how it has been going. He had gotten many views and quite a lot of subscribers. Before this, I also heard that you could earn money on youtube. When I returned back to my home I was obliged to start my own YouTube Channel. So I did.

Since I was interested in Legos also knowing how to make Lego animation, and  after seeing many Brickfilms and stop-motion animations on Youtube I decided to make my first video a Lego Stop-motion animation. My Parents thought it was cute and shared it with their friends and encouraged me to continue, and I did.

Since then(1 year), I have gotten many views(4400) and some money to start of my part time career($6). With all the Legos I got from young and some from recent Birthdays and Christmas gifts, I was able to animate many videos for my YouTube Channel. Thanks for reading. I hope you can check out my YouTube channel. Emluke!

See you next time!