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My New Youtube Channel

Hello guys.

I started this youtube channel Emluke, last year. It started when one of my friends started a youtube channel on his own and started producing video by video. I enjoyed man y of his videos and wished that I could do the same so I can entertain people the same way he did. When I visited him the year he had made his youtube channel I asked how it has been going. He had gotten many views and quite a lot of subscribers. Before this, I also heard that you could earn money on youtube. When I returned back to my home I was obliged to start my own YouTube Channel. So I did.

Since I was interested in Legos also knowing how to make Lego animation, and  after seeing many Brickfilms and stop-motion animations on Youtube I decided to make my first video a Lego Stop-motion animation. My Parents thought it was cute and shared it with their friends and encouraged me to continue, and I did.

Since then(1 year), I have gotten many views(4400) and some money to start of my part time career($6). With all the Legos I got from young and some from recent Birthdays and Christmas gifts, I was able to animate many videos for my YouTube Channel. Thanks for reading. I hope you can check out my YouTube channel. Emluke!

See you next time!


My Books

Hello my name  is  Emmanuel. My book is a short story.I  made

another book with my dad.The books names are

The Ship  and Monkey Story.

We will be making one that is more exciting!

You can check it on itunes, Amazon,Apple,Diesel,

Page Foundry,Baker-Taylor’s Blio,Library Direct

and Baker-Taylor’s Axis360.Hope you get to read our books soon!

Book Links:

The Ship on iTunes/:


The Monkey Story (My favorite bed-time story)



Barnes & Nobles