Emmanuel takes interest in a wide variety in things, always picking up skills and counting the experiences coined from them. He is ingrained with the saying “be a maker not consumer” mostly said by his Dad(Keith C.).


Close Quarters: This game programmed by Emmanuel was just released into the Apple App Store and he would love for you to check it out. If you cant access it(because it on the US app store) here’e an alternative link.

Starting at a young age, Emmanuel was introduced to programming Java in a game development software(Unity 3D) and Code academy where he first learned how to write a few lines of code as well as objects, vectors and physics. He then backtracked into Scratch, taking an intermediate course as it taught him more of the fundamentals of programming and app development.

Currently, Emmanuel is taking an online Harvard course on computer science(CS50) to continue to enhance his coding skills and proficiency.

Emmanuel takes joy in programming and designing environments that you can come to life in. He loves playing video games so he set out to discover how they are made. Now using C# (Csharp) in Unity 3D that he self-taught himself to use, he creates games every now and then for him and his brother to play together.

and one of his 2D games made on scratch:


Being introduced too investing by his dad, Emmanuel has already made several successful stock investments, already earning a small salary off returns making over a few hundred dollars. Using his money saved up (from Chinese new year and working for his dad) he uses it to make more money instead of putting it in the bank(cause Emmanuel likes risks). Recently investing in a stock with a partnership with one of his close friends in order to increase capital, he is continuing to hone and develop his investing skills.


With his brother Luke, Emmanuel starts a YouTube channel, making their toys come to life with stop-motion, with over 50 000 views and several hundred subscribers, the try their best to continue the expansion of their channel. Emmanuel has learned a lot of video editing skills from this small hobby of his, and has been asked multiple times to put it to use for his school celebrations and activities.

Here is the link to their channel: