Welcome to Emmanuel Q Carters Website

Emmanuel Q. Carter was born in Long Beach, New York in 2004. He lived there for 8 years before moving to Singapore with his family. Emmanuel is a very active and energetic young man who enjoys doing an array of things which includes writing books.

Emmanuel started writing at a young age and made his first little series at aged 7. Emmanuel was fascinated with drawing knights and made stories about their imaginative adventures. His first book was published on the iTunes store called ‘The Ship’ in 2012.

Emmanuel loves to play basketball (and almost every other sport), is avid adventurer (been to more than 16 countries), from the jungles of Vietnam to the wastelands of the Hawaiian lava fields to the snowcapped mountains of Hokkaido, the Grand Canyon and the great wall of China.

He is very involved in school activities and loves programming video games based on the games he plays, using C Sharp in the software Unity to balance out the play time.

Emmanuel also owns a small YouTube Channel with his brother, making their childhood toys come to life with stop-motion animations @Emluke.

Photo Gallery

Running the 800 meters… and winning first place! -2019
Alaska stone skipping

Korea waffles are incredibly sumptuous
In Hawaii
Playing with kids in village of Nepal
The great wall


Celebrating Christmas with family friend -2018
Hanging with my cousin 2017

Got subject award at school

Washington DC In front of white house
Japan Museum
Playing drums at church service

Bodyboarding in long beach

Snowboarding in Whistler Vancouver